Car Trade Sector:
Importers, Distributors, Car Sales, Car Service, Trade of OEM parts

Construction Sector :
Construction Companies, Offices of Studies, Trade and Industry of Structural Materials, Laboratories of Controls and Trials, Applications of Aluminium, Systems of Elevation, Building Cranes

Hotel Sector:
Big Hotels Units - Chains of Hotels, Tourist lodgings, Outdoor Activities of Recreation - Extreme sports, enterprises of Hotel Equipment

Trade Sector:
Wholesale and Retail Trade, Trade of Fuels, Trade of Medico-pharmaceutical Material, B2B, machines and instruments, electronic equipment, electrical material, office equipment, decoration, packing, home appliances, heating and air conditioning systems, clothing.

Food Sector :
Food Industry, Wholesale, Retail Sales - super markets, Bakery, Dairy Products, Brewery, Wine Industry, Rural Products, Restaurants - Bistro, Catering, Food Quality Control Laboratories

Chemical Industry, Defensive Industry, Industrial Weighing and Automation, Production of Lubricants and Fuels, Plastics, Resins and Paintings, Pharmaceutical Industry, Cosmetics, Textile Industry

Publications - Printings, Transports, Technical Support - Service, Courier Services, Banking, Health Services


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